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Dear ladies and gentleman

The idea of developing an electric vehicle was when my father lost a lot

of his mobility in cause of his hip problems. To be able to keep his mobility

and independence he needed a little agile vehicle with this he can move

between the narrow passages and shelves in a shopping center or at other

locations. Sitting was almost impossible for him so that the vehicle had to be

using in a standing position. So I built an electric vehicle with the name

"Bigatron" that may transport persons in standing position and therefore


As I went an exhibitions and presentations I soon realized that an electric

vehicle like this would fit perfectly in the logistics field. It just took only a couple

of modifications to make it suitable for logistical tasks, for example to carry

transport boxes. A short time later, we produced the first electric floor-borne

vehicle, called "Bigaporter”.

The Bigaporter makes logistic work save, easy and fast. The extreme flexibility

and the precise measurements make sure that even applications are possible

at very narrow areas. The stable 4 wheel construction and the two powerful drive

engines as well as the great battery strength are perfect components to handle

all applications.

Meanwhile the first devices are in use now and I receive a lot of positive feedbacks. It

would be a pleasure to see, that the Bigaporter is increasing also the productivity

in your logistic work.

Kind regards

Peter Kanne